Types of Implant Prostheses

Types of Implant Prostheses

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Types of Implant Prostheses

Implant overdentures have an important place in modern dentistry and are used to correct various tooth deficiencies. These prostheses offer both functional and aesthetically effective solutions. Below, we provide more detailed information about the various techniques and types of implant-retained dentures:

Single Tooth Implant: This method is preferred when a single tooth is missing. The implant is surgically placed in the area where the missing tooth is located and after the integration process, a specially prepared crown (veneer) is mounted on it. The crown can be in a color and shape compatible with the patient's other teeth, thus providing a natural appearance.

Bridge Implants: Used when two or more adjacent teeth are missing. Here, an implant is placed on each side of the missing teeth and a bridge prosthesis is fixed over these implants. The bridge prosthesis fills the gap and fulfills the function of natural teeth.

All-on-4 or All-on-6 Technique: It is used when all teeth are missing. In this technique, four (All-on-4) or six (All-on-6) implants are placed at strategic points and a full set of teeth is mounted on these implants. This method provides a complete dental restoration with fewer implants and can be performed without the need for jawbone grafting.

Overdenture (Overdenture Dentures): Overdenture prostheses are removable prostheses and rest on implants. The implants increase the stability and comfort of the prosthesis. This technique is especially preferred for the lower jaw and preserves the existing gum structure and jawbone.

Immediate Load Implants: In this method, a temporary or permanent prosthesis is attached immediately after the implant is placed. This technique shortens the patient's treatment process and offers a quick aesthetic solution. However, adequate jawbone density and health are required for the success of this method.

Mini Implants: This is a less invasive option and is particularly suitable for patients with low bone density. These small-diameter implants are mainly used to support removable prostheses such as overdentures.

Each implant and prosthesis type is customized according to the patient's oral structure, dental health, aesthetic expectations and general health. Implant treatment requires a detailed examination and proper planning. The treatment process includes the surgical procedure, the healing process and the placement of the prosthesis. An expert dentist or oral surgeon determines the most appropriate treatment method for the patient's needs, providing both a functional and aesthetic solution. Therefore, it is of great importance for patients considering implant treatment to make a detailed oral health assessment and determine the appropriate treatment plan with a specialist.


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